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Raeann Greisen

Raeann Greisen on tuonut hienon vahvistuksen Puijo Wolleyn naisten joukkueen kevätkauden peleihin. Pyysimme häntä kertomaan taustastaan omin sanoin ja kuulumiset ensimmäisten viikkojen jälkeen joukkueessa ja Kuopiossa - read more about Raeann!


My name is Raeann Greisen and I am from the United States. I am 22 years old and grew up in San Diego, California.

I started playing volleyball when i was 9 and then continued playing club volleyball until i was 18. During that time I was recruited to go play Division 1 College Volleyball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I studied Biology there and graduated this past June.

I played both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball for Cal Poly all four years, helping the team move up to the top 20 in the country. I spent my summer and fall after graduation training on the court and coaching some younger girls teams.

In my free time I love to play beach volleyball, surf and go camping.

I was very lucky to have been offered to come and play here in Kuopio Finland this past December and I am absolutely loving it! The weather is quite different than San Diego but I have adjusted well with the help of my amazing team!

The girls and staff that are a part of Puijo Wolley have been the kindest people i have ever played with or had the pleasure of knowing. I have learned so much about this amazing place and culture. From ice swimming to learning just a couple new words every week, I know I couldn’t be in a better place with better people.

We just won two games this weekend to continue our 6 game winning streak!! I am so excited to be here and to keep working hard through the rest of the season.


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